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Many physical substances undergo phase transitions when subject to changes in environmental parameters. The transition of ice into water and water into steam are familiar examples. Similarly, chromium undergoes a phase transition at a specific temperature, called the N´eel temperature changing its magnetic order from the anti-ferromagnetic to the para-magnet state. This magnetic reordering is accompanied by a change in volume. In other words, the phase transition is a magneto-elastic phenomenon. In this experiment, we study the phase transition of chromium by directly measuring the volume change. Several important thermodynamical concepts will also be navigated.

Software Code codes
Sample Results Voltage Vs Temperature
Voltage Vs No. of samples
Hardware Manual Precision Instrumentation Amplifier AD624
Experiment Code 2.7
Version 15 Aug 2011

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bridge chromium 1 DSCN0111 DSCN0113 setup