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This experiment illustrates the basic concepts of Fourier Analysis using simple experimental setup. We will also measure the propagation speed of thermal oscillations, analyze the heat equation and calculate the diffusivity of the material under consideration.

Software Code LabVIEW Data Acquisition file
Sample Results Data sets acquired with a heater pulsed at 5 mHz and data taken at a sampling rate of 1 Hz
Discrete fourier transform of data collected over 4500 seconds at 0.005 Hz. Note the presence of odd harmonics only.
Complete temperature profile at 0.005 Hz. Dynamic equillibrium is reached after 2400 seconds
Discrete fourier transform of data collected over 5000 seconds at 0.02 Hz. Note that the harmonics vanish more quickly
Experiment Code 2.3
Version 13 May 2015, 2015-v1

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Pictorial Procedure

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