Make and Manufacturer Makerbot Replicator X2
Contact Person Azeem Iqbal

The 3D printer is the latest addition to the Physics lab. This addition considerably enhances our scientific capabilities, making possible the manufacturing of high precision mechanical components for scientific research and development. The printer is proving to be an invaluable tool in which the only limitation is imagination. Using ‘.stl’ files created in any Computer Aided Design (CAD) software; this printer creates three dimensional versions using any of five possible polymers as a filament. At the moment the polymer being used is ‘PLA’ (PolyLactic Acid) which is environmentally friendly and physically robust, providing the best of both worlds.

Currently this printer is being used in a multitude of tasks, ranging from creating small optical windows to frames and fixtures for various components in our experiments. The desktop sized printer is easy to use and promises to save time and effort in tedious and demanding procedures necessary to create the same objects in the mechanical workshop.