Dielectric Measurements are a basic means of evaluating electronic components and materials. Every material has a unique set of electrical characteristics that are dependent on its dielectric or insulation properties. Accurate measurements of these properties can provide valuable information to ensure an intended application. The dielectric cell is successfully designed and constructed for measuring frequency and temperature dependent dielectric properties of rigid flat materials such as Ceramics, Polymers and composites at elevated temperatures. The cell is classified in vertical and horizontal assembly that can be used up to 300 Degrees C and up to 800 Degrees C respectively.

The cell is made up of two electrodes. One electrode is fixed and the other is movable with a guard ring via a micrometer. The micrometer allows precise measurement of electrode spacing. The guard ring reduces fringe effects to improve measurements. The cell can be connected to LCR meter through probes and is interfaced with computer through software wizard that will allow to control the LCR via DB-9 cable and perform linear or log sweeps over a frequency range 20Hz to 1MHz as well as save the measurement results to a log file.