Make and Manufacturer FEI Nova
Related Manuals Guideline for preparing resist (PMMA 960 k) solution from powder
Guideline for deposition of resist (PMMA 960k)
Contact Person Dr. Murtaza Saleem, Dr. Salmn Nousher

The SEM at the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering is a field-emission machine with promised resolutions of up to 0.8 nm under ideal imaging conditions. The Nova NanoSEM 450 scanning electron microscope (SEM) delivers state-of-the-art imaging and analytical performance in a single, easy-to-use instrument. Specifically designed to streamline operations in laboratory, the Nova NanoSEM enables users the ability to obtain a comprehensive analysis of a wide range of samples.

The electron microscope is quipped with:

  • field emission electron microscopy
  • energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence
  • electron beam lithography

Here is a gallery of micrographs obtained at LUMS.

340 mark star sem2 sem1 Nova_sen_457 Nova_sen_458 Nova_sen_460Nova_sen_456