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Related ManualsXRF: A quick guide prepared by Physlab (June 2016)
Contact PersonDr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar

The Physlab has assembled a low cost energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (XRF) system to carry out the elemental analysis of different materials. The assembly to place the samples is constructed in the physlab workshop and analysis of different materials is carried out using this XRF system. The XRF system will ease the analysis of materials commonly used in the lab and also help in studying the archeological sites in our city. The XRF system will be used in the Physlab for:

1) Examination and historical coregistration of (a) coinage, (b) manuscripts and (c) metal wear preserved in Lahore’s museums and archeological sites.

2) Quantitative compositional analysis of thin films grown in the lab.

Here is a laboratory experiment dealing with XRF.