The government MAO college Lahore visited Physlab LUMS with thriving curiosity to experience the amazing world of Experimental Physics. Accompanied by their teacher Assistant Professor M. Faisal Waseem Rana, students were received by the Physlab team at the freshmen laboratory. The participants were briefed about the beginning of Physlab by Azeem Iqbal. He told how aiming towards capacity building not only helped create resources for the Physlab but also helped set an aim of creating a student driven experimental physics research laboratory in this part of the world. During the introduction Azeem glided the participants through various sections of the laboratory. Starting from the interactive class demonstrations and the various video documentaries Physlab has prepared over the past two years. It was presented that we share our work with sister institutions and help fellow Pakistani teachers learn about modern ways of teaching Physics through workshops, laboratory immersion programmes and Science Fairs (Lahore Science Mela 2017).

After the presentation Dr. Murtaza Saleem took participants on a guided tour of Physlab. The participants visited Mechanical Workshop, Optics & Solid State Laboratory,  Junior Lab, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM), Sputtering and 3D printing centre.

In the end, participants were encouraged to take active part in experimental physics and that they have a lot opportunities to pursue a great career by advancing in physics and that this tour was our part in igniting the passion for science and physics in them.