Lab 1 also called the freshmen lab is our flagship laboratory. On these pages, you will find important notes and details of all the insightful experiments that we try to build and communicate to our students.

Preparatory lectures

772px-Prelab_lecHere is a series of six lectures presented under the banner of the introductory physics laboratory course offered to science and engineering students. The presentations and associated videos encompass some exciting features of lab work, bring home the idea of standardized uncertainty measurements and present examples of how accurateculture1 graphical presentation of data can illuminate new experiences in the physics. The lectures encompass ideas such as the culture of experimental physics, science of measurement and uncertainties, an introduction to the Physics Lab developed at LUMS and techniques for accurate and meaningful plotting of experimental data. Of course, we also cover the idea of mathematical models to represent data. Details can be viewed in the video links presented below.  



Preparatory documents prepared by the Physlab

Lab Schedule (Fall 2018)

(Last Updated: 10/03/2018)



Light is a transverse wave
1.22 optics
When are two measurements “same” or “different”? Example of conical shaped pendulums
1.21 measurements, mechanics
Measuring the Surface Tension of Water using the Pendant Drop Method
1.20 fluids
A Doubly Suspended Pendulum
1.19 mechanics
Dynamics of Water Discharge from a Cylinder
1.18 fluids
Verification of Gas Laws
1.17 thermal
Energy Conservation in Two Dimensions
1.16 mechanics
Imaging Electron Trajectories: e/m Measurement with a Magic Eye and ImageJ
1.15 atomic
Verification of de Broglie’s hypothesis by Electron Diffraction from Graphite
1.14 atomic, modern
Electron Energy Loss Investigation through the Nobel Prize Winning Franck-Hertz Experiment
1.13 atomic, modern, quantum
Observing Hall Effect in Semiconductors
1.12 magnetism, semiconductor physics
Measurement of Planck’s constant using a light bulb
1.11 modern physics, optics, thermal
Natural Radioactivity and Statistics
1.10 radioactivity, statistics
Vibrations on a String and Resonance
1.9 waves and oscillations
Electromagnetic Induction and Working of Read-Write Operations in Magnetic Media
1.8 electromagnetism, magnetism
Latent Heat of Vaporization of Liquid Nitrogen and Specific Heats of Metals
1.7 thermal
Data analysis with capacitor
1.6A electronics
Data Acquisition and Filter Design
1.6 electronics
Optical Activity of the Chiral Solutions
This experiment is replaced by 1.22
1.5 optics
Magnetic Phase Transitions of a Ferromagnetic Alloy
1.4 magnetism
Craters in Sand
1.2B uncertainty analysis
Simple Harmonic Motion is Observed through Webcam
1.1 waves and oscillations
Moment of Inertia of a Tennis Ball
1.2A mechanics
Heat Transfer and Newton’s Law of Cooling
1.3 thermal
Rotational Dynamics, Moment of Inertia, Torque and Rotational Friction
1.2 mechanics

Think-aloud activities