A community of artists, thinkers, and organic farmers, Harsukh Idara-e-Ilm o Funn at Bedian, graced Physlab with the presence of their little wonders from six grade. School kids, at the tender age of around 12, but filled with excitement and vigor turned into active physicists exploring the realms of mother nature.

The Harsukh students jubilantly participated in a basic exercise of performing an experiment and learned about scientific phenomena that surround us in various forms. They made an amazing effort to learn about energy, matter, and forms of matter that exist in this universe. Many students stood in the state of awe while performing an experiment that studies crater formation on the moon. They raised questions on the existence and origins of meteoroids and that what happens when they fall towards earth. Another group used a simple pendulum to find the value of gravity and explored the beauty of a wave pendulum.

Last, the students crooned verses of “پھر چراغ لالہ سے روشن ہوۓ کوہ ودمن” from the magnificent anthology Baal-e-Jibril of Allama Iqbal and the majestic “اول حمد ثنا؛ الٰہی جو مالک ہر ہر دا” of the great Sufi poet Mian Muhammad Baksh.

The following visuals are not enough to capture the ecstatic moments.