Project TitleBidirectional control of a Peltier element
StudentsMuhammad Sheroz Malik
SessionSummer 2016

Students Muhammad Sheroz Malik Time Frame Summer 2016 Supplementary Materials Student ReportPeltier Heater Control VI FileCircuit Diagram Description A bi-directional current source is needed so as to exploit the Peltier device’s heating and cooling ph …

Project TitleCoincidence detection circuits for photon correlations
StudentsMuhammad Ramish Ashraf
SessionSpring 2017

Students Muhammad Ramish Ashraf Time Frame Spring 2017 Description Coincidence detection is the simultaneous detection of two or more photons in different detectors. The electronics associated with coincidence-counting tend to be very costly. The aim o …

Project TitleHot Water Fountain
StudentsAliza Shahid
SessionIYPT 2016

Students Aliza Shahid Time Frame IYPT 2016 Description Aliza also worked on “Hot Water Fountain” problem. It involved creating a hot water fountain using a partially filled Mohr pipette. The hot water raised the temperature of the air column inside the …

Project TitleMechanical Random Number Generator
StudentsShaheer Akhtar
SessionIYPT 2016

Students Shaheer Akhtar Time Frame IYPT 2016 Description Shaheer worked on making a mechanical random number generator. An electromagnet drops a ball onto a rod that is exactly beneath it, and the ball will fall onto either the right or the left side o …

Project TitleAcoustic Lens
StudentsAliza Shahid
SessionIYPT 2016

Students Aliza Shahid Time Frame IYPT 2016 Description Aliza Shahid worked on acoustic amplification using a “Fresnel lens”. These are primarily used in optical applications but the IYPT student was asked to investigate its application to focus acousti …

Project TitleMagnetic Train
StudentsMuhammad Ahad Butt
SessionIYPT 2016

Students Muhammad Ahad Butt Time Frame IYPT 2016 Description Muhammad Ahad Butt was asked to attach button magnets to both ends of a cylindrical battery. When placed in a copper coil such that the magnets contact the coil, the “train” starts to move. A …