The International Young Physicists’ Tournament is the ‘Physics World Cup’. Pakistan sends off a team of a five brilliant high school (secondary students) to Yekaterinburg in Russian for the 2016 competition. This is Pakistan’s first entry as a participating team. The project is led by Dr. Farida Tahir of COMSATS’s Physics Department in Islamabad. The team comprises:

  1. Khadija Niazi (LCAS)
  2. Muhammad Shaheer Niazi (LCAS)
  3. Shaheer Akhtar (LGS)
  4. Muhammad Ahad Butt (Karachi Grammar School)
  5. Aliza Shahid (LGS)

The Physlab was excited to host these five budding scientists as they worked on ten interesting problems in preparation for the competition. The students were mentored by Dr. Sabieh Anwar and lab instructors Umar Hasan and Azeem Iqbal while original equipment were built by Hafiz Rizwan. This was during an intensive three month long period where these students were guided towards finding innovative and rigorous solutions to mind-baffling physical phenomena: electric honeycombs, hot water geysers, rollers on rollers, magnetic trains, ultra-hydrophobic water, acoustic metamaterials and mechanical machines to generate random numbers! Sheer pleasure! We wish the Pakistan team the best of luck.

Muhammad Shaheer Niazi among these participants has recently published his work in this Royal Science Journal.

See the research story here.