“Congratulations on conducting a successful workshop in an excellent professional manner. It was a great experience to work in such environment where everything looks perfect. I really appreciate your efforts in promoting Physics at all levels.”

– Syed Ali (Participant LabView Workshop 2016)

“It was a very great experience to work and learn with you in “hands-on workshop on graphical programming for the Physics Laboratory” I am really inspired the way you people teach us. I have never found such a fruitful workshop in my whole carrier.”

– Anum Zaidi (Participant LabView Workshop 2016)

“This should be mandatory viewing for anyone embarking on the study of quantum mechanics. It’s better to clarify upfront, than it is to attempt to clear up confusion later on. Most text books and lecture series arbitrarily assume a pre-existing knowledge of the notations of quantum mechanics. This lecture is ‘the theoretical minimum’ one should appreciate before attempting to read any chapter on QM.”

– Ron Toolsie

“Besides being a great scientist – no doubt – I think that Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar is probably one of the most gifted teachers on this subject on the Internet. I came here from his course on Modern Physics and the manner in which the professor explains things shows a person gifted and really concerned with his students and advancing their knowledge on the subject. Great Material ! I look forward to more course provided by Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar.”

– Raynier van Egmond (Comment on YouTube lecture)

“One of the best professor for beginners. His simple and patient way of explanation with lucid examples is highly appreciable. Thanks a million for making in clearing essential concepts. His lecture on modern physics is also worth listening. Sir, keep posting lectures on advanced QM, QFT if possible.”

– Srinivasa Pradeep (YouTube comment)

“I am writing you to thank you for your videos on YouTube. You passion towards teaching has inspired me so much, and I am sure there are many others who feel the same.”

– Syed Ghazi (YouTube comment)

“I am a student of Physics from India. I have watched your lectures on Quantum mechanics and have found them very nice and full of knowledge; your teaching skill is awesome! I have watched all the videos and feel very grateful, Thank you! :-)”

Ravin Choudhary (YouTube comment)

“I’m a PhD student from Portugal and I’d like to thank you for your beautiful lectures on modern physics that are posted on YouTube. Dear Prof. Anwar,

“I’m very grateful that you posted them, and also spoke English the majority of time this way making it possible to students from other countries such as me to understand your words.

These lectures have helped me a lot on understanding the basic quantum physics principles that are fundamental for my research on grapheme, especially because I come from an engineering background.

Besides all this, your lectures have inspired me to continue pursuing this are of research and the excitement in your voice together with the clarity and beauty of explanation makes them the best classes on physics that I’ve ever attended.”

– Alex (YouTube user)

“It was my pleasure to watch your laser lectures series on YouTube, in fact they are amazingly easy to understand, and they are direct, clear and rich.”

Prof. Dr. Manal Midhat Abdullah (University of Baghdad)

“I don’t think there is another simpler way to explain the relationship between microstates and macrostates as Prof. Anwar has. He has exceptional skill of putting the complex concepts of Physics in the simplest manner coupled with relevant day to day examples wherever possible. He gives an impression that he makes sincere attempt to make students understand the subject using plain simple language to elaborate concept to required depth with no jargon or rhetoric. I think there are very few teachers like him teaching graduate level Physics.”

– An Indian student

“I have watched you course work on Modern Physics and Electricity and Magnetism and just from these lectures alone you have profoundly changed more than just my understanding of, as you call it, basics physics, but also how to thinking clearer. Something I have very rarely seen an educator be able to do. Your mastery in describing the subject matter not only in words but in symbols is superb and highly captivating. The work you have put you course is very easy to follow and there is a clear logical path between lectures. I greatly appreciate all the time and effort you have put into your lecture.”

– Valentin Uzunov

“I want to thank you for your great “conceptual” Physics video lectures. I have gone through all of your videos starting from the very basics to the advance ones, trying to clear up my concepts and even my PhD professors didn’t teach the way, you teach! I want to thank you for your videos once again with all sincerity; I wish I could buy you a gift since I am also from Lahore.”

– Muhammad Musa Khan

“Let me tell you that it was simple pleasure and an honor to be your student. Your enthusiasm and love for the subject really shines out and you are an inspiration for many. Thank you for teaching us the most amazing course in LUMS so far.

  • LUMS Student

“It was such a pleasure being taught by you. I would like to thank you for bringing in us, such a positive urge to study and to learn and spread knowledge. You are a remarkable teacher indeed. Thanks a lot for your support and lessons throughout. You are changing the thinking of numerous students in a positive way, may you live long and may your spirits remain high, always. In Sha Allah!”

– Muhammad Hamza (Student)

“Thanks for sharing your write-up about the exciting experiments in your lab. I am sure that it will inspire colleagues around the country to establish similar facilities in their own labs.”

– Abdullah (Random)

“It is indeed a great service to Experimental Physics of Pakistan to evolve practical work. This is the backbone of good physics which is lacking in our universities.”

– Dr. Noor Muhammad Butt (Preston University)

“Thank you Sabieh, for the exciting summary of your group’s accomplishments.  You certainly have accomplished a lot with few resources and set a high standard for introductory physics lab work.  I’m looking forward to visiting in a couple of weeks.”

– Bob Robert L Jaffe (Morningstar Professor of Physics)

“Physlab is a highly impressive and an extremely useful effort. I am sure it will make a major impact on physics teaching at our universities and colleges if people use them and are willing to at least put in the effort that it takes to utilize such experiments to their potential.”

– Khurshid Hasanain (National Centre for Physics)

“You and your team have done a remarkable job in completing the project well in time and in a very professional way. Thanks to LUMS for breaking the tradition of limiting knowledge and resources within the boundary walls of an institute.

Once again, Bravo Sabieh’s Physlab team for their excellent work.”

– Anzar Khaliq (Habib University)

“Allow me to firstly express my avid admiration for what you have done so far. I am a big fan of your teaching methods which are reminiscent of Professor Walter Lewin. I saw your lectures on modern physics on the open course ware site and attended some classes just for the sake of it. It was an illuminating experience.”

– Talha Bin Asad

“I am writing to you to tell you that listening to you in class is an extraordinary experience. The way you convey knowledge to us, in addition to your countenance that manifests your personal joy in doing so, is satiating. Your Classes are no less than a treat for our ears. I am just another student of yours, with average concepts and skill, but one who holds a special place in her heart for various concepts of physics. I am sure that my comments are insignificant amongst all the acknowledgements you have always received but I was unable to hold back myself from talking to you.”

– Hira Shahzad Sardar

“I have been viewing your video lectures. They are extremely good! Thanks so much for posting them!
And I must say that your interaction with the students in your class is so warm and for lack of a better
term humane, just beautiful.“

– Michael

“I am currently working on a research project at National Chemical Lab, Pune on quantum dots and gas sensor. While searching on YouTube I got your amazing lectures which are helping me to get basic knowledge. I am really thankful to you for such a great work.

– Anand Bansode

“I have just seen your Modern Physics lectures which are simply great. I cannot but admire your dedication to education at LUMS. It’s commendable. I think LUMS has created such an environment for its teachers that encourage such outstanding achievements as your video lectures. LUMS is to be appreciated too.”

– Salman Zaffar

“You did a brilliant Job. The course I completed was one of the most interesting experiences that I
have completed in my educational process. For which i would like to thank you.”

– Muhammad Qasim

“I really liked your teaching. It’s helpful to everyone who is working with Lasers. Please keep it up
for the sake of knowledge. I liked one very nice comment “bosons ki fitrat” uske liye ek sher arz hai Majruh Sultanpuri sahab ka.. “main akela hi chala tha janib-e-manzil magar log saath aate gaye our karvaan banta gaya”.. aapne sahi kaha yeh boson ki fitrat hai…”