Rules for engaging the mechanical workshop

  • As a general principle, the physics lab provides support to various Departments of the SSE as part of its contribution to SSE’s research vision.
  • The requester is responsible to reimburse material cost, cost of tool damages and machine damage.
  • The user of the facility is responsible for cleanup after use.
  • The physics lab support is not meant to be used for student activities, competitions and unsupervised projects even if they are part of coursework.
  • Extensive work will be entitled to being charged, especially when it involves design and drawing. Details will be discussed on a case by case basis.
  • Untrained, unskilled and novice user cannot work in the lab unsupervised.
  • Faculty led research has precedence over other jobs.

The workshop will be engaged after filling in the appropriate request form on this page.


An overview

The drawings of all the items manufactured in workshop are made in AutoCAD, Solid Works etc. Physlab workshop is well equipped with different types of machines including manual lathes, CNC Lathe Machine, manual milling & drilling Machine, PCB Machine, grinding Machine, band Saw, hack saw, jig saw, multiple kinds of power tools, grinder, lapper, polisher, ball mill, water re-circulator and chillers. We routinely make heaters, wind solenoids and Helmholtz coils, build technical furniture and fixtures, design circuits and can manufacture PCB’s. Industries are welcome to contact us for computerized machining of industrial components.

Given below are samples of some work done by the Physlab Workshop.